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Our values are the foundation of our culture. But they're not just words. It's how we apply them that defines who we are.

Culture @ Outcast: meet the mosaic team

Meet Mosaic.

A better world is possible, and we're dedicated to working towards it.

We want Outcast to be a place where everyone is valued, encouraged, and supported. Mosaic, our dedicated diversity, equity, and inclusion team, brings together passionate employees from all areas and levels of Outcast to chart our course of continual progress.

It’s a key piece of our leadership and culture, and steers every part of our growth.

Mosaic is the driving force behind our DEI efforts, leading trainings, developing resources, and facilitating company-wide forums on how we can better support each other and our communities.

Our goal: to provide a workplace in which everyone has an opportunity to grow and lead. As integrated marketing professionals, we have a responsibility to find and amplify BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and other marginalized voices, and to uplift brands challenging injustice and fighting for a better tomorrow.

Our Commitment

We need to reflect the world we live in and collectively use our skills to support and uplift people of color and other marginalized groups. To make this vision a reality, we outlined actions under three core pillars — Talent, Training and Advocacy — and revisit our progress quarterly.

Culture @ Outcast: highlights from OC Connections, an internal gift-giving initiative

Keeping our connections — no matter what.

As we set up our home offices, dispersed to corners and kitchens across the world, we realized we had lost something we valued: our connection to each other, and the community we made together. Gone were the little chats in the break room, the impromptu team lunches, and gabbing about the latest bingeable shows. Since problem solving is what we do, we came up with a way to stay connected and share little bits of our lives with each other.

It started with one Outcast who purchased a gift from their local community, and mailed it to another Outcast. They in turn found something in their community to share, and the chain continued to grow — from each gift to each community, across the world — a simple way to feel a small connection to each other.

After all, we believe that no matter where you go you are always an Outcast.

Culture @ Outcast: highlights from a the project

Is it Wednesday?

In the confusion of those early pandemic days, no one could really tell what day, time, or even month it was — and our team was no different. We found ourselves on Zoom calls clarifying this once basic information. Our creative studio decided enough was enough. There had to be a better way to know what day it was.

Through our internal entrepreneurial program, Push It, we developed a website that not only told you what day of the week it was, but gave you ways to educate, distract, and even entertain yourself through this confusing and draining time.

Check it out (there are puppies involved).

Group picture of Outcast employees in Zoom windows

A 2020 "Best Place to Work."

We were named one of PR Week's "Best Places to Work 2020". But when you are given such a superlative, we think it's best to get out of the way, and let the article speak for itself:

“I am hard-pressed to think of another agency that is as committed to their staff's future as Outcast,” observed one judge. Outcast supports continued growth and development with cross-training, rich learning labs, expert guests, mentoring and a culture of zero-ego collaboration. Improvement/advancement opportunities include weekly training sessions on topics such as media relations and crisis comms, as well as panels hosted by journalists. A bold culture of entrepreneurship with employee-led initiatives — namely its diversity, equity and inclusion council — engenders a culture of openness and engagement, which, in these challenging times, has made employees feel “supported, safe and secure.”

“If you ask employees what Outcast's ‘secret sauce’ is, it’s the people,” summarized one staffer. “We support each other, while also challenging each other to achieve excellence.”

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